Building solid Communication bridges!


Media Relations

We take advantage of our extensive network of contacts and relations with Mass media representatives to organize, manage and develop your relationship with the journalists that cover the area of your interest. We know how to ensure maximum publicity: we write (the proper way), we release (the right time) and we follow up (the right way) the coverage of the released material.

Considering writing to be one of the strongest weapons for your communication, we write Press Releases that get published, articles that catch attention, interviews that receive positive comments, speeches that earn applause.  As we have already noted… our word matters!!!


Social Media

We work with you in order to design and implement the social media communication strategy (facebook, twitter, youtube, vimeo, etc.) that meets your needs, knowing that social media development is a crucial factor in the communication of both businesses and organizations, especially in the current always evolving digital environment.  


Governmental Affairs

We build sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships between you and the public sector, the local & regional authorities and other institutions (environmental organizations, etc.), relationships that are based on your communication needs and priorities. We design and implement campaigns that improve your image, maintain your status and reputation and promote your business goals.


Community Relations

By using a variety of techniques and tools, we design and implement corporate relations programs intended for various stakeholders, such as the business and academic community, NGOs, Mass Media, Government Authorities.


Shareholder Communication

We carefully plan the tactics and select the tools that fit your corporate strategy in order to maintain your corporate image to your shareholders and other interested parties. In the modern business environment characterized by globalization and competitiveness, the establishment of solid relations is a crucial factor for your company’s development and growth as well as its position in the market.


Brand Communications

By combining different communication approaches, we work with you in order to design and implement your communication strategy, a strategy that meets the standards of your product or your brand. In this way, we enhance its visibility by effectively approaching the consumers.


CSR Consultancy

We assist you in the planning, management and implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility programs. We reinforce your company’s image and social profile by coming up with brand new ideas  and by taking original “green” initiatives in order to improve its recognisability as a socially responsible enterprise. In the modern business environment, the companies that meet certain standards regarding their activity in product manufacturing or customer service (environmental policies, corporate responsibility, sponsorships, etc.) become very attractive for the public. This environment establishes new circumstances for your company’s communication with clients and other enterprises.


Political Communication

We have vast experience in political communication gathered by organizing and implementing important campaigns. We have worked on the strategic planning of several communication campaigns, the composition of political messages, investigating the candidate’s image and environment, building relationships among the candidate, the Media and the local communities, crisis management, while also providing a wider scientific support that is necessary during an election campaign.