Offering training in order to easily manage any difficult situation!


Training Programs

We implement a complete, tailor-made Media training program, with highly original content. Manos Sifonios is the main trainer and the coordinator of a team of highly-skilled  and experienced collaborators.


Media Training

The training program combines a theoretical approach with a variety of practical techniques such as speech training techniques, body language techniques, etc.

Tips for handling “hard” situations.


Spokespersons Training

A special speech training with specific guidelines for overcoming the fear of public speaking.



Crisis Management

Training of the Crisis management team on communication issues. Writing of detailed manuals for corporate crisis management (crisis identification, work flow diagrams, job description charts, etc.). Effective manual guidelines integration to the company’s operation. The training includes special practical exercises and special seminars that enhance the knowledge of attendees.


Simulation Exercises

A practical simulation program (held in a professional studio, including complete seminars that are supported by experienced journalists).



Market Audit Report

An original product, offered exclusively by Run Communications. Our long-term relationship with a variety of opinion leaders/makers either from Media and other market areas or from the government authorities is a fundamental asset that ensures the building of your image that is conveyed in an objective and confidential way to such special target groups.

In this framework, Run Communications is responsible for:

  • The creation of a special questionnaire addressed to target groups
  • The conduct of confidential interviews
  • The codification of the results
  • The quantitative and qualitative conclusions regarding either the company or the industry in which the company is involved
  • The submission of proposals that aim at the improvement of the corporate 


Mobile Telephony industry

2005 / 2007 / 2009 / 2011


Pharmaceuticals industry

2007 / 2010 / 2012