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In the framework of the IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) World Day (19th May), on Saturday 19th of May 2012 we organized a street event in Korai square, with the cooperation of the Attica's Society of Crohn's Disease's and Ulcerative Colitis' Patients (ASSC).

The event aimed at destroying a IBD-related taboo and making the IBD patients able to leave guilt aside, as well as presenting the real face of the disease to a wider audience. We aimed at facilitating the disease acceptance, thus making the patients willing to make a visit to their gastroenterologist and accelerate the diagnosis and the disease treatment.

The 1st “ network” conference took place on Thursday 5th April 2012. Seven distinguished diaspora Greeks participated in the “Ellines (Greeks): From crisis to distinction” conference and Run Communications was responsible for its organization and coordination.

The conference beginning was marked by the K. Kavafis’s “Ithaca” recitation by Sean Connery. N. Chatzinikolaou, the Conference coordinator and editor-manager of RealNews newspaper, characterized the Conference as the first serious effort that ignited a dialogue on the designing of a Greek plan, a Greek polity and a Greek productive model.

The founder, Mr C.Barlas, underlined the conference’s main mission, that is the global promotion of Greek national identity



The ceremony of Nova Super League 2012 Awards was held in Badminton Theater on Thursday 3th, May 2012. Forthnet Group institutionalized the event which aimed at highlighting the positive side of Hellenic football. The event is being held annually for the last 3 years. Run Communications undertook the coordination of the event’s Public Relations.

In this year’s ceremony and in the framework of a glamorous event, the football players who were distinguished for their talent and morals during the 2011-2012 football season were awarded with Nova Super League 2012 Awards. These Awards reveal that fairplay must always be the strategic player and the dominant value of each football game.

All the members of the Greek football elite attended the event which was broadcast on Novasports1 και NovasportsHD.

The 7th Panhellenic Congress of Management, Economics and Health Policies was held in Megaron International Conference Center on 15th -17th December, 2012. It was organized by the Department of Health Economics of the National School of Public Health, under the auspices of the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity.

Run Communications was responsible for the conference organization, the on-site customer service, the tele-voting services, finding the sponsors, the communication and coordination with the scientific committee, the printed material, the webpage design and management, the newsletters writing and release and the conference communication services,  in general.

The 7th Panhellenic Congress focused on the remodeling of control and evaluation policies in the health sector and on the restructuring of the Health Services and the pharmaceutical market. Among its main issues was the redefinition of the concept of “health insurance”, and the extent of the state intervention to the health sector.

Run Communications was responsible for the creative design, the concept, the flow script and text writing for the Corporate Social Responsibility Awards 5th ceremony that was held under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture & Tourism. The ceremony underlined both the value of the Corporate Social Responsibility and the cultural contribution of Parnassus Society.

The new social message that was created by the Society for the Study of Human Sexuality (EMAS) sheds humorous light on the sexual problems that a modern man is usually faced with, in an effort to demythologize them. The final aim of the message is to raise awareness of sexual health issues, to enable modern men to overcome social taboos that are related to sexual health and to urge them to address EMAS physicians by using EMAS Help Line. The rather typical voice of the actor Yiannis Bostantzoglou contributed to a successful radio spot.

On December 2009, we created a cartoon hero (concept, script, cartoon design) for Abbott Hellas, a cartoon figure related to a skin disorder called psoriasis. We named it “PS the Unknown”.


In 2011, Run Communications created a photo album for the Ministry of Culture, aiming at informing the public on the “Culture 2000-2006” Program. Run Communications was responsible for the coordination of the selection of relevant material (texts and photos), the creation of the concept, the creative design and the production of the album.

In 2008, we designed and implemented a comprehensive Public Relations Program for IMEPO, in the framework of the International Migrants Day. The program included: the design of a sponsorships strategic plan, searching for potential sponsors, a music concert and group dances performed by immigrants, performances that took place in Syntagma square. 

Cosmote cooperated with Run Communications in the framework of an effort that aimed at changing a widely-held belief, that is, mobile telephony is harmful, thus building Cosmote’s image as “a responsible corporate citizen”.

The relevant actions:

  • Strategic and creative copy writing 
  • Copy-writing and overall editing of texts:

           - on health and mobile telephony (Cosmote as a Responsible Citizen)
           - on the right use of mobile phones, intended for the general public use